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The following are essential document downloads. Please click on the appropriate links to download a copy of the required document. Before we are able to act on your behalf for a particular opportunity, there are some mandatory and legal requirements that must be provided and these are defined in the Registration Form. Some sections may not be relevant for particular professions but please complete as much as possible and we will subsequently guide you with regard to further requirements.


1. Registration Form

The document is the main registration form and defines your right to work in the UK/EU as well as providing us background on suitability for a given profession. Please note the it is not essential to fill in the entire form in the first instance. Please complete as much as you possibly can and then submit it to Mind Professionals along with as many supporting documents that are available to you. Upon receipt of the document and depending on your specialty, we will guide you through the exact requirement for further information and documents that are needed in order to get you compliant for your required opportunity.


Mind Professionals Candidate Registration Form << Click Here >>


2. Timesheet

You will be issued with a specific timesheet for your locum opportunity but the following can be used if you require a spare copy.


Mind Professionals Timesheet << Click Here >>


3. Expenses Claim Form

The expense claim form consists of two pages, a summary sheet and a sheet for business mileage. All expenses including business mileage should be stated on the summary sheet. A breakdown of mileage should be provided on the business mileage sheet. The form must be completed in full and authorised by the relevant signatory prior to submitting to Mind Professionals.


Mind Professionals Expenses Form << Click Here >>


4. Deciding the best way to pay yourself as a locum

If you have made a career choice to operate as a locum and want to provide your services on a short to medium term basis to a variety of end user clients, there are many different ways to maximise your earnings.


Paying yourself as a locum << Click Here >>


5. CRB Checking

Mind Professionals are a registered body with the Criminal Records Bureau and are able to offer a CRB checking service to all registered candidates. We provide this service to our candidates at a cost which is probably the most competitive that you will achieve anywhere. Additionally, upon your first assignment with us, we will refund you the cost of the CRB Check.


CRB Checking By Mind Professionals << Click Here >>


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